Ken Loach and his films

Anthony Hayward

Vydalo: Bloomsbury, London, 2004

Stav:  dobrý, pečiatky v knihe

Jazyk:  angličtina

Strán:  310

ISBN:  0-7475-7044-2



Krátky popis:

MARKING THE FORTIETH anniversary of Ken Loach’s first work on screen: the first detailed portrait of the world’s leading social-realist filmmaker and Britain’s most successful director working today. Making groundbreaking dramas such as Up the Junction and Cathy Come Home for the BBC’s ‘Wednesday Play’ series in the 1960s, Loach was one of the first to show life as it was really lived by many people - and cause outrage among the moral guardians of the day, led by clean-up TV campaigner Mary Whitehouse. With the film Kes, the director established an international reputation. But he fell on hard times in the 1980s, switched to television documentaries and found them the subject of censorship. Loach’s feature-film revival the following decade, with classics such as Land and Freedom and -more recently - Sweet Sixteen, was little short of remarkable. Which Side Are You On? reveals the influence on Loach of a father who was fanatical about education; of the stand-up comedians of his childhood who inspired unconventional casting in his own productions, of the socialist politics that have driven his work; and of his long-running collaborations with writers Jim Allen, Barry Hines and Paul Laverty, and producers Tony Garnett, Sally and Rebecca O’Brien. It also reveals the real story behind the banning of Loach’s Questions of Leadership documentaries - which was shrouded in secrecy for twenty years.

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