An oral history og the music, mud & magic

Crispin Aubrey, John Shearlow

Vydalo: Ebury Press, 2005 * predslov Michael Eavis * ISBN 0-091-897-637 * cestopis, hudba, histó

Stav:  veľmi dobrý, pečiatky v knihe

Jazyk:  angličtina

Strán:  288

Hmotnosť:  200 g

ISBN:  0-091-897-637



Krátky popis:

For the first time, this is the full story of the Glastonbury Festival. Crammed with vivid and colourful accounts from those directly involved, their words bring to life the free spirit of a special place.
From performers to punters, organisers to fence jumpers, security guys to hippies, site workers to villagers, Glastonbury is a compelling and fascinating oral history of a party that started in the 1970s with a handful of people in a field in Somerset and grew into one of the most famous music festivals in the world.

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