Quentin Falk

Vydalo: Virgin Books, London, 2004

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ISBN:  1-85227-074-8



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Since winning the 1991 Best Actor Oscar for his performance in The Silence of the Lambs, Sir Anthony Hopkins has twice reprised his chilling role as the memorably monstrous Dr Hannibal ‘The Cannibal' Lecter, who was recently voted the greatest screen villain of all time. He enjoyed early success in The Lion in Winter, and his compelling characters in films such as The Remains Of The Day, Shadowlands, Howards End, Nixon, The Mask of Zorro, Amistad and Titus have established the Welsh-born actor’s magnetic presence and a dangerous vitality - outside his role as Lecter. But alcoholism came close to wrecking his enviable career on stage and screen: only by a massive effort of will has Hopkins, now in his 60s, overcome his demons and reformed his life. Including contributions from Hopkins and many of those who know and have worked with him, this definitive biography has been updated to include his latest work in Hannibal, Red Dragon and The Human Stain, it also covers two surprising turns in his stormy private life: marriage for a third time and his decision to take US citizenship. This is a frank and revealing account of one of the most influential and legendary actors of our time.
THIS IS A REVISED AND UPDATED EDITION. The 2004 updated text is unauthorised and has been researched and written without the direct involvement of the subject, Anthony Hopkins
Quentin Falk has written books on Graham Greene, Lew Grade, The Rank Organisation and Albert Finney. A former editor of Screen International, he has also worked for the Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph. He was film critic of the Sunday Mirror for eleven years and is editor of the BAFTA magazine, Academy.

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